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Home Page: F.A.Q.

#1 Question: What tracking technology does your program use?
Answer: Global Star Registry uses a cookie/IP based tracking system. When visitors click on your banner/text link at your affiliate's website, a cookie with the affiliate's ID will be placed on the visitor's browser.
#2 Question: How the \"2-Tier Program\" works?
Answer: We offer 15% for 2-Tier commissions, so assume that you \"affiliate1\" referred \"affiliate2\" at your program, if \"affiliate2\" commission is $1,000.00 \"affiliate1\" will automatically get $150.00 (15%). No action is required on your part! When visitors click on your banners they will be tracked. They can be buyers (if they send an order) and generate a commission for that affiliate, or they might signup as affiliates and become a 2-tier affiliate..
#3 Question: Can I promote the sites in email messages?
Answer: YES. You can easily add your own unique link/url to email messages.
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